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Roller Derby World Cup - Toronto 2011

A selection of images shot at the first Roller Derby World Cup, held in Toronto, Canada, from the 1st-4th December 2011.

2011 World Cup

Skaters and fans crowd round to watch the New Zealand team perform the Haka

Sweden versus Finland

Sweden take on Finland in one of the early rounds

Team England warm up

England warm up before a bout

Iron Wench jamming for Canada

Iron Wench jamming for Canada

France get their kit checked

France line up to get their kit checked before taking on England

Both jammers taken down

Rogue Runner, Team England and Iron Wench, Team Canada

Sweden take on Australia

Sweden take on Australia

France take on Brasil

Brazil versus France

Canada take on the USA in the final

The USA take on Canada in the final, USA winning to be the first world champions

Lulu Demon celebrates

Lu Lu Demon, Team Canada, celebrates


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Sweden at the World Cup, 2011