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The Road to the World Cup - England Roller Derby

In 2013 I applied to be the official photographer for England Roller Derby and after the selection process I was offered the job. I travelled out to Dallas, Texas, with the team for the 2014 World Cup. In 2016. As national teams were reforming for the 2018 World Cup to be held in Manchester, England Roller Derby asked me if I would be happy to take on the role again. An offer I was delighted to take up and have been documenting their path to the World Cup. Below are a selection of images from the selection process, early practices and exhibition bouts.

England Tryouts this way

England Tryouts this way. Skaters from across the country applied to be part of England Roller Derby. Two selection sessions, one North and one South helped whittle down the field with a final selection process being held in the midlands.

Rogue at the Red versus White bout

Rogue playing at the England Roller Derby Red versus White bout as part of the WFTDA World Summit weekend.

The first England try-out

The first selection day was held at Rainy City's Thunderdome in Oldham.

The first England try-out

Skaters rest between drills and scrim.

Coaches making thier selection

The selection process is underway.

The final England try-out

Skaters compete for places in the team at the final selection day. I was unable to attend the southern selection day due to other commitments.

The final England try-out

Taking a break between drills.

Refs, NSOs and helpers supporting England Roller Derby

Referees, NSOs and helpers supporting England Roller Derby to help the team on their way to the World Cup.

Wilde skating for the Red team

Wilde skating at the Red versus White bout at Rainy City's Thunderdome.

The end of the Red versus White bout

Jess congratulates Roberts at the end of the Red versus White bout.

Sudron blocks for the Red team

Sudron blocking for the Red team.

England Roller Derby

The team at the end of the bout including those skaters who are currently off skates at present due to injury.


Blondie playing the the Red versus White bout