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Roller Derby - Training

It doesn't matter how good you are, how long you have been skating, everyone has to start somewhere. Some people come to the sport with many years of skating behind them, others, can barely stand up on skates. However there's more to Derby than just skating, team building, tactics, as well as being willing to help out in some of the more mundane aspects are all required. That track won't lay itself. Many teams train two or three nights/days a week, with many skaters spending additional time in the gym to build core muscle strength and improve their stamina. These are some of my older shots of the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls as I rarely shoot training sessions any longer. They were learning to play Derby, I was learning on how to shoot it.

England Tryouts this way. Skaters from across the country applied to be part of England Roller Derby. Two selection sessions, one North and one South helped whittle down the field with a final selection process being held in the midlands.

Rogue at the Red versus White bout

Rogue playing at the England Roller Derby Red versus White bout as part of the WFTDA World Summit weekend.

The first England try-out

The first selection day was held at Rainy City's Thunderdome in Oldham.

The first England try-out

Skaters rest between drills and scrim.

Coaches making thier selection

The selection process is underway.

The final England try-out

Skaters compete for places in the team at the final selection day. I was unable to attend the southern selection day due to other commitments.

The final England try-out

Taking a break between drills.

Refs, NSOs and helpers supporting England Roller Derby

My first attempt at shooting Roller Derby, not a bout, just a training session held in the sports hall at Norton College (now demolished).My pictures were pretty terrible.

Wilde skating for the Red team

A team shot after the practise session, yep, there were just five on them. The foundations of the Sheffield team.

The end of the Red versus White bout

I returned on several occassions to learn more about the sport and develop my photographic skills, which were in dire need of improving.

Sudron blocks for the Red team

The first team shot of the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls, on a cold and windy Sunday morn, just after the New Year.


Training at an England Roller Derby session