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Roller Derby - Co-Ed

Roller Derby is unique in being one of the few sports where both male and female competitiors can compete together. Co-Ed bouts are on the rise, mainly for the satisfaction of the skaters rather than a spectacle for the general public. The ability, skill and disposition of individuals allows both sexes to compete on an even footing. All the shots on this page were taken at the recent Sci-Fight Co-Ed tournament held in Shrewsbury, England in 2014.

Sweden versus Finland

Team Dr Who take on Team Aliens in the heats.

Team England warm up

The Fifth Element up against Star Wars

Iron Wench jamming for Canada

Star Trek, the expendable crew members in the red shirts take on the Aliens

France get their kit checked

Men in Black try to stop Battlestar Galatica

Both jammers taken down

Battlestar Galatica up against the Fifth Element

Sweden take on Australia

Serenity against the Aliens

France take on Brasil

Men in Black take on the Fifth Element

Canada take on the USA in the final

Star Trek beam down to challenge Serenity

Lulu Demon celebrates

Team Dr Who, the Time Lords, take on the Men in Black in the final

2011 World Cup

The jubilent teams after a hard day of Derby. Men in Black conquering the Time Lords in the final


Sweden at the World Cup, 2011